Species Facts

Hermit crabs are one of the most unique species. Both terrestrial and marine, they are endemic to the Caribbean. When did hermit crabs become popular as pets? How are they able to migrate on mass? Why do hermit crabs prove to be great pets for families? Why are they regarded as low maintenance?

Over the last two decades, hermit crabs have become ever more popular as exotic pets kept in household aquariums. Because they are inquisitive and curious about their environment, they wander and explore. As they are sociable, they should be kept together in family groups with the typical size being six members and more. They should be reared as family units in aquarium habitats regulated to tropical temperatures with marine saltwater.

Because hermit crabs swim in the ocean and scuttle across beaches, your aquarium should have sanded beach areas for your hermit crab to burrow and rest. Expect to require twenty-gallon tank sizes to fifty gallon tank sizes to recreate the ocean habitat where your hermit crab is endemic.


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